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Bulk Digital Certificates and Badges Designer Tool

If you’re a school or a corporate L&D or a university or a training provider or an event/webinar organizer or an entity that deals with the creation of hundreds of certificates/documents regularly manually, it must be an expensive, painful and very time-consuming process to do it. Mailing these certificates to the participants individually makes it even more arduous.

Delivery of Digital Certificates & Badges

Once Selected you have to simply import the List of participants in .CSV format with Names and Email Id’s. And it’s Done!

This entire process is just done in two clicks. You simply need to import the participant database and it’s done!

Credential Management

Credential Management

Give Expiry date. Revoke Access or even set it to Automatic expiration - arranged date of expiration at credential creation or manually expire at any time. Reinstate expired credentials at anytime

Advance Search.

You Issue thousands of certificates, and often human error takes place, sometimes certificates are generated but not sent, sometimes the incorrect email address is entered, and the Email gets bounced. You have to go through the entire email list manually to see if there is any error or confirm that the certificate was Delivered to the E-Mail address.

This entire process is cumbersome and not efficient in any way. This is why we have Advanced search to help our users find any Document by any of the Details mentioned in that Document (Roll No. , Name, Address, Issuance Date, ) or any keyword and it will show you the result instantaneously.

Social Media Tracking and Analytics

With sophisticated data analytics, glean insights on branches, batches, and courses. Increase standards and draw attention to your company. Analytics like the number of times the document has been shared on which social media and the traction you gained from this. Share Immutable digital credentials to LinkedIn and Social Media. Awarded individuals can showcase their authenticated certificates and badges with your brand on their LinkedIn and Social Media profiles.