Digital Badge Creator

Hassle free, trackable, and credible credentials that increase website traffic

Design Beautiful Certificates & Badges

• Create designs from scratch or choose a pre-made template

• Upload & customize existing branded certificate designs

• Certificates can be accessed anywhere, on any device

• Certificates and Badges are instantly verifiable Verification Widgets, QR Code, and Meta data)

• Custom text placeholders that can be automatically populated from uploaded date

• Custom image placeholders that can be automatically populated from uploaded data

Hassle Free Delivery of Certificates & Badges

• One-click delivery and e-mail notifications (White-labeled, SMTP, fully customizable)

• Thousands of credentials created, delivered, and notified in one click via CSV upload

• Attach information about your organization, skill, links to your website, course, etc to drive traffic

• API Integration - Integrate with existing LMS, ERP, HRIS, etc., to automate issuance & email notification.

Analytics and Reporting

• See number of credentials issued but not opened

• See the count of number of times a credential was shared on Linkedin, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc

• See amount of traffic generated by your credentials

• Reward the person with the maximum shares

Increased Security

• NFT & blockchain technology to ensure documents are tamperproof.

• Each document has a unique QR code and reference number that can be instantly verified.

• A verification widget on your website to allow people the ability to verify a certificate on their own to reduce verification load.

• Ensure validity of the certificates by adding issue and expiry date to the certificates.

• Only credible organisations can issue documents - with a rigorous onboarding criteria.

Blockchain & NFT to ensure credentials' security.
Increase Website Traffic and word of mouth with itsCredible's kdigital credentials

Increased Visibility

• The certificates shared on social media have links of your training programs, website, etc, and the more the sharing, the higher the traffic on your website!

• Boost your recruitment from the database of skilled profiles.

• The certificate shared on social media will have information like what exactly it took to achieve that certificate or badge! l

• Send one click email reminders to share a credential

• Send one click email reminders to open a credential

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